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Society. Person .Security – 2009. Global crisis: profiles of criminal realities

Date: 2nd  to 3rd  April, 2009
Location: Riga, Latvia
Event: International conference

“Society. Person .Security – 2009. Global crisis: profiles of criminal realities”.

The leading criminologists, law enforcement officials, specialists in the sphere of security, private investigators, researchers, politicians, entrepreneurs from the Baltic states, European Union and Russia presented  25 reports at the conference.

In the discussions also including video – conference , with cities of  Ekabpils, Rezekne, Liepaja, Venstpils and Daugavpils participated more then 400 people.

At the conference it was highlighted that during the crisis the tendency of weakening of security in society as a whole, in business and individual may lead to undesirable sequences.
Participants agreed on the following:
•    Improve the allocation of the EU assets that are designed for security related programs.
•    More active social work with general population and youth to improve the knowledge in security sphere.
•    Continue further development of the research activity in the fields of private security, investigations and entrepreneurship.

The summary document will be published in the printed version and distributed to:
•    Universities and libraries;
•    Governments of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for consideration;
•    International public organizations and professional associations.

Program of the conference

Program of the Baltic Criminological Conference
 «Global Crisis:  profiles of criminal realities»

Baltic International Academy (BIA)
Society for Baltic Security (SBS)
Society of Criminologists of Latvia (LKB)

Riga, Lomonosova 4, Baltic International Academy (BIA)
Conference Hours: 2 April 2009 (14.00-18.00); 3 April 2009 (10.00 -16.00). Conference Registration: 2 April 2009 (13.00-14.00); 3 April 2009 (09.30-10.00).

(2 Apr., 2009 14.00.-14.15.)

Opening Remarks:

- Chief of the Bureau of Corruption Prevention and Combating Normunds Vilnitis.

- Chairman of the Baltic International Academy Professor Valery Nikiforov.

- Chairman of the Society of Criminology Latvia Andrejs Vilks.

- Chairman of the Society for Baltic Security Michael Chernousov.

«The global financial, economic and social crisis in criminological dimension»

Part I (14.15-16.00.)

Moderators: A. Vilks, M. Chernousov.

1.     Ints Kyuzis. Head of Criminal Police of Riga Regional Police, Colonel (Latvia).
Crime trends in Latvia and Riga region.
2.     Valter Kego. Leading researcher in Swedish Safety and Economy Institute
 Present condition of organized crime connected with illegal drugs.

3.     Risto Pullats. Ministry of the Interior department of projects foreman in Estonia (Estonia).
     Organized crime in region of the Baltic Sea.

4.     Vladimir Ovchinski. Advisor for the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, former chief of Interpol's Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, General (Russia).
Criminological problems of a global crisis.

Coffee break (16.00.-16.30.)
Moderators: A. Vilks, M. Chernousov.

5. Algimantas Cepas.  Leading investigator in Law Institute Lithuanian Ministry of Justice in Lithuania (Lithuania).
Topic: Criminal tendencies in circumstances of global crisis.

6. Jakov Giliniski. Director of Institute in Russian Knowledge academy Sociology Institute St. Petersburg Deviantolgy Centre, St. Petersburg University profesor, doctor of law (Russia).
Topic: The phenomenon of organized crime in Russia.

7. Аndo Leps. Politician. Professor, Doctor of Law, Member of the SBS board. Co-speaker: Halina Bibikova, graduate student (Estonia).
Topic: The financial and economic and social crisis and crime in Estonia.

8. Andrejs Vilks. Director of Law Institute in Rigas Stradina University, prezident of Latvian criminology association, doctor of law (Latvia).
Topic: Global Society Crisis and tendencies of criminal escalation.

9. Aigars Evardsons. Director of the College of State Police of Latvia (Latvia). Topic: Specific features of the disclosure of crimes committed during the transformation.

10. Artis Velshs. Head of the Department of State Police personnel in Latvia (Latvia). Topic: Problems of prevention of crime during the period of transformation in Latvia.

Discussions, summarizing the work of the 1-day conference.
Dinner for the participants of the conference (beginning at 19.00)

Second day of the conference
3.04.2009 (10.00-16.00.)
Registration: (9.30-10.00)
Riga, Lomonosova 4, Baltic International Academy (BIA)

  «The expansion of transnational crime and the problem of countering global threats»

Part 1 (10.00.-12.00.) . Theme: «Specific of detective investigation and international cooperation in the modern world»
Moderator: G. Beliha, M. Chernousov.

11. Igoris Zaretskis. The President of the Group of Companies "Baltvesa", Member of the SBS board, Doctor of Medical Sciences (Lithuania).
Topic: "An integrated approach to addressing security issues of private enterprise."

12. Sergei Puhljadev. Expert on the Protection of Intellectual Property, former 1st Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus, General (Belarus).
Topic: Organization of private investigation of production of counterfeit goods and contraband.

13. Martijans Bekasovs. Politician, Member of SBS board (Latvia).
Topic: The global economic crisis and political aspects, its effects on criminal situation.

14. Artur Tšulitski. Manager of Internal Control AS Tallink Grupp (Estonia), Member of the SBS board.
Topic: Security concerns of private business in a collapse of the economy on the example of the company Tallink.

15. Michael Chernousov. Chairman of SBS board, doctor of law (Latvia).
Topic: Specifics of private investigation of crimes in Baltic.

Lunch: (12.00-13.00)

Part 2 (13.00-14.30)
Theme: «Actual problems of safety of public, private enterprises and individual»
Moderator: A. Vilks, M. Chernousov.

16. Janis Ievitis. Riga district prosecutor office, prosecutor. Riga Stradins University doctoral student in Institute of Law (Latvia).
Topic: European arrest warrant.

17. Marina Sumbarova. Director’s assistant of  Latvian Police college, colonel, BIA docent (Latvia).
Topic:Aspekts of development of criminal procedure law in Latvia    .

18. Janis Baumanis. Latvian Police Academy, Lecturer in Criminal Law (Latvia).
Topic: Human rights and freedom aspects of mass riot prevent. (Mass disorder as an international phenomenon).

9. Danute Kuļkova. Advocat, Insolvency procedure administrator,  assistant BIA(Latvia).
Topic:  Insolvency procedure problems during global financial crisis.

20. Ailona Darzniece. Latvian Police Academy, Criminal Law lecturer (Latvia).
 Topic: National and international problems of human trafficking.

21. Armens Gabrilyans. BIA leсtors, mag.iur.(Latvia).
Topic: Legitimating and legalization of euthanasia in the EU countries.

22. Georgijs Prodromou. Latvia's honorary consul in Cyprus. Lawyer (Cyprus).
Topic: illegal movement of drugs in international issues.

23. Valery Zemljanov. Member of board of Latvian Federation of Detectives and
  Security Servisses (LDDDF), Prezident of Detective Club LDDDF, Teacher of BSA (Latvia).
Topic: Raid and anti-raid system.

24. Galina Beliha. BIA study programs “Jurisprudence” director, mag. iur. (Latvia).
Topic: Peculiarities of criminal punishment - probationary work - and the efficiency of this punishment in Latvia.

25. Tālavs Jundzis. Director of the Baltic centre of strategic research LAS
Topic. National secutity risks during an economic crisis

Coffee break (14.30.-15.00.)

Part 3 (15.00.-16.00.)

Moderators: A. Vilks, G. Beliha, M. Chernousov.

Discussions, presentations. Summarizing.
Closure of the conference.

 P.S.  The conference organizers reserve the right to make program changes and additions.

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