Business security services

SBS Baltic Security in cooperation with its highly experienced partners is eager to provide its customers with a complex of services in the sphere of business security.

1. Due diligence of business partners across Europe including Latvia, as well as the CIS, the USA and other countries.

  • Check of goodwill and other characteristics prior to the commencement of any cooperation.
  • Obtaining reliable information about the perspective partner and minimizing risks of dishonest cooperation.
  • Timely and objective analysis of the partner, drawing conclusions about feasibility of the perspective cooperation.
  • Identifying potential threats, probable economic, legal and other risks.
  • Creating a psychological portrait.
  • Assistance in holding negotiations with a partner.

2. Business intelligence

  • Collection of a confidential information
  • Attracting attention of decision-makers to threats that could potentially harm business.
  • Identification of favorable business opportunities.
  • Identification of competitors trying to gain access to sensitive information
  • Risk management in order to ensure an effective response of the company to the rapid changes of the environment.

3. Background check on job candidates existing staff

  • Timely detection, prevention and suppression of dangerous personnel actions (unfair competition, theft, espionage, negligence, error).
  • Identification of disloyal employees, hidden schemes and scams.
  • Qualitative staff recruitment and control over the existing staff.
  • Job interviews.
  • Background check, personal data and other data characterizing a job candidate.
  • Collection of other information.
  • Preparing legal documents to the field of labor relations.

4. Service Control

  • Assessment of the company in terms of safety, reliability, staff qualification, social facilities, informative and aesthetic performance.
  • Quality control services as a factor in increasing competitiveness of the company.
  • Measurements, testing, evaluation of one or more characteristics of services and comparing the results with set requirements.

5. Consultations on questions relating to business and person security, resolution of issues in critical circumstances


6. Representation of client interests in law-enforcement, customs and other institutions, analytical work


7. Private investigations of confidential nature, search of people in Europe, CIS, USA and other countries

Using said services will allow the client can form complex solutions with a high level of professional service, develop the product and raise higher income.

Regardless of the type of business activity, a unified safety complex is developed for the client – safety concept in accordance with international standards and requirements of insurance companies.