SBS Baltic Security

SBS Baltic Security

George Bierman/Grandmaster

(8th Dan, USA champ, vice-president of IMAC)

“I am glad to watch the growth of this ambitious project and hope to be with you next year! Good luck to all participants!”

Cynthia Rothrock/Grandmaster

(8th Dan, winner of big international competitions, star of action movies)

“I am much exited to be the honorable guest of Baltic Open 2017. Wait to meet you, Latvia!”

Vincent Lyn/ Grandmaster

(10th Dan, actor, world kickboxing champion, model, jazz composer and musician)

“I’ll visit Baltic Open 2017 with great pleasure. Sure that this project will noticeable event in the world of Martial Arts and will be attractive for many real sportsmen!”

Gary Alexander/ Grandmaster

(10th Dan, first USA and Canada karate champion)

“Keep watching the successes of friends and associates. I sincerely desire victories to organizers and participants! I always with you guys!!!”

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