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The greetings to Baltic Open 2017 appeared from the acknowledged authorities in the fields of Martial Arts, politics and business.

George Bierman/Grandmaster

(8th Dan, USA champ, vice-president of IMAC)

“I am glad to watch the growth of this ambitious project and hope to be with you next year! Good luck to all participants!”

Cynthia Rothrock/Grandmaster

(8th Dan, winner of big international competitions, star of action movies)

“I am much exited to be the honorable guest of Baltic Open 2017. Wait to meet you, Latvia!”

Vincent Lyn/ Grandmaster

(10th Dan, actor, world kickboxing champion, model, jazz composer and musician)

“I’ll visit Baltic Open 2017 with great pleasure. Sure that this project will noticeable event in the world of Martial Arts and will be attractive for many real sportsmen!”

Gary Alexander/ Grandmaster

(10th Dan, first USA and Canada karate champion)

“Keep watching the successes of friends and associates. I sincerely desire victories to organizers and participants! I always with you guys!!!”

Nikolai Smirnov/Grandmaster

(9th Dan, winner of big international competitions, president of IMAC, founder and director of Martial Arts Olympics “East-West Open”, honorable coach of Russia)

“Sure – these competitions will become the bright and really popular phenomenon in the world of Martial Arts. Wish to participants great victories and serious challengers!”

Santiago Sanchis/Grandmaster

(10th Dan, President ISMA (Spain), vice-president IMAC)

“The world of the Martial Arts are great as its boundary! See the confirmation of this once more. Success to you Latvia!”

Aleksander Inshakov/Grandmaster

(8th Dan, first absolute champion of Moscow in karate, five times master of sport of the USSR, president of International Stunt Union, actor, producer)

“I am very glad that in your remarkable city one more time the holiday of sport courage will have place once more. Successes and victories! Believe in future meeting soon!”

Viktor Scerbatih

(the double prize-winner of the Olympic Games, who was twice acknowledged as the best athlete of year in Latvia - 2005 and 2007)

“It is a great pleasure that in our country takes place such remarkable holiday. And it is even more pleasure to be honorable guest at this holiday of power and courage! Never lose heart, even if you lose the fight - this all are temporary! Wish great successes to organizers and to participants!”

Kirill Nabutov

(Television journalist and commentator. Conducted reportages from the Olympic Games in Moscow, Sarajevo, Calgary, Seoul, Lillekhammere, Barcelona, Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney, Peking, and also from more than 20 world championships.)

“I am very glad that in beloved Riga, where I have so many friends, such great event as Martial Arts Olympics Baltic Open 2017 will take place. I wish to this unique sport event the great future!”

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