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The opening ceremony - The Marathon of champions


May 13th at 7 pm the opening ceremony will start

Marathon of champions

Spectators will see the rating fights in

  • professional boxing
  • ММА
  • free style full contact fighting
  • kosiki karate
  • K-1
  • pankration


The opening ceremony - The Marathon of champions

Professional boxing is one of the most entertainment and most intelligible for the spectators forms of fighting. It significantly differs from the amateurish: professional boxers appear without any shirts, the construction of gloves makes it possible to deliver stronger punches than in the amateurish boxing. The main difference – in the amateurish boxing are considered the punches, in the professional – rounds victories and knockouts.

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is the form of fighting skills (frequently erroneously called “no rules fights”), which is the combination of different teghniques, schools and the directions of Martial Arts. MMA is full contact fight with the application of punches, kicks , strikes but also with wresting arsenal as in the counter (clinch),   so on the floor (parquet). The fight arena is limited by the dimensions of the special cell. Entertainment and hardness of MMA competitions made this type of Martial Arts one of the most developing forms of sport.

Free style full contact fighting is the form of Martial Arts created under the aegis of The International Martial Arts Confederation (IMAC). The universality of this form lies in the fact that it gives victory chance to sportsmen of any fighting specialty. Sportsmen representing hand-to-hand fighting, karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, thaiboxing, wrestlers and all others can compete and show their strength. Duels in the free style are conducted in full contact with using of the special gloves. All arsenals of punching and wrestling techniques are allowed. An ultimate victory is a knockout, submission, locks on arm or leg. Calculation system of points for fighters is not given an advantage to “punchers” or “wrestlers”, what is making all fights much more interesting to spectators.

Kosiki karate” is the version of rules determines competitions in “tough karate”, in contrast to “Mosiki karate” (“soft karate” noncontact or semi contact). According to these rules the attacking punches, strikes and kicks are delivered by arms and legs. The great volume of wrestling technique is allowed. In order to avoid injuries, the shielding outfitting, which resembles the armors of Samurai, is used during the competitions.

K1 is well-known type of the competitions in the Martial Arts, which is allowing to representatives of different styles using punches and kicks to participate. Because of the dynamicity of attacks and “density” of fights are especially attractive to spectators. According to the rules, there is no draw as the result of fight. Last round is decisive and determines the winner.

Pankration is the oldest Martial Arts forms. It was even represented on the Olympic Games BC era. Somewhat changed to our time. For example, it is not possible to tear up mouth, to extrude eyes, to throw for the head. Now day’s arsenal is very close to what fighters of MMA and free style full contact are using. The difference is in rules and points estimation on which tactics of sportsmen depends on.