Aivars Borovkovs (Latvia)

"Economy of Criminal process should be economical"
President of the Latvian society of lawyers, head of the legal bureau "AB Grupa". Advisor to Prime Ministers and politicians on Juridical and Political Affairs.

Dainis Mežulis (Latvia)

"Trends of improvement of criminal responsibility"

Dr. iur. Baltic International Academy, associate professor.
Magazine "Administrative and Criminal Justice" editor in chief.

Raimonds Rublovskis (Latvia)

“Dynamics of international and regional security in the Baltic Region within the framework of relationships of the United States and Russian Federation”

Chief Advisor of the Strategic Planning to the Chief of police of Riga.
Ex-Head Department of the Joint Staff NAF. The president of the Latvian federation of judo.

Grigorij Zubarev (Latvia)

“Crime, global risks and threats in the media: the impact on the public consciousness”.
Founder and owner of the "Bureau of political consulting" Image-Case "Author and presenter of TV programs.

Vladimir Ovchinsky (Russia)

"New technologies and their use in police work"
Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Major-General police, Doctor of Law. Honoured Lawyer of Russia

Olegas Rimanas (Lithuania)

"Practice popularization of private detective activity in the media"

Director of Co «Rimano biuras» (Privacy Legal Services). A member of the Board of Association оf Veterans Criminal Police of Lithuania.

Vladimirs Frolovs (Latvia)

"State and local government - the problem of partnership in ensuring the rule of law"
Deputy Chairman of the Riga City Council committee on security, the rule of law and fighting corruption. Chairman of the Latvian Socialist Party.

Valery Zemlyanov (Latvia)

"Private investigation as a profession, occupation, vocation and creative work"

Member of the Board SOCIETY FOR BALTIC SECURITY (SBS), President of the Detective Club SBS.

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