What do we offer

What WE do?
Experienced specialists are ready to provide a wide range of detective, security, information and other services based on short-term or long-term contracts.
List of services - on our website.

Why do people turn to us?
• Because we are already more then 15 years at the market of private detective and security services and we are known among our customers and clients.
• Because our detectives, specialists and experts are members of various international organizations, including the ASIS, WAD, ABI, WAAF and we are known in the global corporate community.
• Because we are always open for cooperation and collaboration with all interested parties in Latvia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Perhaps we are better because
• value our reputation and the trust of our customers
• We employ experienced, highly skilled and attentive to customers experts
• Our foreign partners are always ready to cooperate with us in the interests of our customers.
• at any time, we are ready to come to the aid of our clients

• professionalism
• Confidentiality
• law-abiding
• Reliability
• Timeliness
• our core value - our clients
• protection of the legitimate rights and interests of our clients - our work.