Advisory Council of the SBS

Vladimir Ovchinsky (RF)Vladimir Ovchinsky

Criminologist, retired Major-General police, Doctor of Law. Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation.
Biographical information
Head of the Russian Interpol Bureau (1997-1999).
Reviewer  for Legal Affairs of the weekly "Moscow News" (1999-2001)
Advisor to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (2004-2011).
Member of the Expert Council of the Anti-Corruption Commission of the State Duma of RF(2004).
Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the executive secretary of the Expanded Working Group on reform of the Russian law-enforcement bodies (since 2012)/
Vladimir Ovchinsky – Chairman of the Expert Council of the SBS (Society for Baltic Security), honorary member of the SBS, co-founder and first chairman of the board of SBS, the numerous participant of scientific conferences and seminars on security and criminology in Riga.


Juris Jasinkeviсhs (Latvia)Juris Jasinkevics

Founder and Chief of Latvian National Interpol office (1992- 2008)
Representative of the republic of Latvia to INTERPOL (1993-2009)
Member of Interpol European Committee (1999-2003)
Delegate for Interpol Executive Committee from the Europe (2002-2005)
Member of Europol Management Board (2007-2009)
Juris Yasinkevichs stood at the origins of our organization LDDDF / BAAF / SBS, repeated participant of international scientific-practical conference "Society . Human. Security " and our Detective Club’s meetings.


Andrew Vilks (Latvia)Andrew Vilks

“A lawyer must always be ready to learn about anything new which enters our ever changing, dynamic lives. Crisis situations also impose specific conditions on any sort of activity. They must be put to good use, one must adjust to them”.
Dr.iur, Professor of RSU, Dean, Faculty of Law
Criminologist, Doctor of Law, Professor, Dean of the Law Faculty of the RSU .
1976 - Graduated of the Omsk Higher Police School of the USSR Interior Ministry
1981 - Graduated from the postgraduate Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR
Of 1993-2003. Head of the Center for Studies in Criminal Sciences in Latvia.
2001 - 2005 years. Chairman of the committee on security and order of the Riga City Council.
Andrew Vilks - Honorary Member of the SBS , the founder and one of the first chairmen of board of SBS , multiple organizer and participant in conferences and seminars on security and criminology.


Michael Chernousov (Latvia)Mihael Chernousov

Sworn Advocate. Certified Detective. Doctor of Law. SBS Chairman.
1978 - Graduate of the Omsk Higher Police School of the USSR Interior Ministry
1990 - Graduate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR Academy of Management
1992 - Certified Detective
1994 - nostrificated Doctor of Law, University of Latvia.
1993-2008 - chairman of the board of the “Latvian Federation of Detectives and Security Services "
2002 - Present - Chairman of the board of public organization "Baltic Ant criminal Antiterrorist Forum" / "Society for Baltic Security".
2009 - Present - Attorney at Law


Arthur  Chulitsky (Estonia)Arthur  Chulitsky

In 1988 he graduated from the Tallinn police special high school
In 2003 he graduated from the Academy of the internal protection of the Estonian Republic
From 1986 to 2002 - in various positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Estonia
From 2002 to present - Head of the Internal Control Service of JSC Tallink Grupp
Social work:

SBS Board Member.
From 2002 to the present day - one of the founders of the Baltic anti-criminal and anti-terrorist forum / SBS.
From 2007 to present - Secretary of Veterans Club of law enforcement forces of the Republic of Estonia.


Valery Zemljanov (Latvia)Valery Zemljanov

President of SBS Detective Club.
Former docents of Baltic International Academy
One of the founders of the Latvian Federation of Detectives and Security Services (LDDDF), the Baltic anti-crime and anti-terrorism Forum (BAAF) and SBS.
Executive Director LDDDF-up to 2010
Author of 13 educational and practical manuals and more than 60 publications on the safety of business, personal security, private detective activity.
Member of the Board of the International Public Organization Society for Baltic security (SBS).
Specializing in the field of security of the hotel and tourism business.