Criminal matters

Criminal matters Criminal matters

The Lawyer represents client interests in criminal matters.
The Criminal Procedure Law prescribes the procedural order in criminal matters within the territory of the Republic of Latvia. The Criminal Procedure Law determines a uniform and mandatory procedural order in all criminal cases.
Every time, when the reason and grounds for initiating criminal proceedings are discovered, a court, a prosecutor`s office and an investigation institution, within the framework of their competence, shall initiate criminal proceedings and apply all measures prescribed by law, to gather evidence to ascertain if a criminal offence has occurred and establish the offenders thereof. Each offence committed on purpose (intentionally) or by negligence (action or inaction) prescribed by the Criminal Law, the commission whereof invokes criminal punishment, is deemed a criminal offence. An offence (action or inaction), which has all the constituent elements of a criminal offence as prescribed by the Criminal Law, but is committed in the circumstances, which exclude criminal liability, is not deemed a criminal offence.
Neither person shall be deemed guilty unless his/her guilt in committing a criminal offence is established in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Law.
Each person in respect of which an assumption or assertion for having committed a criminal offence is made, has the right to defence.